About Us

About Us

Company Profile

Kamtek Ltd has established a high market acceleration by using çuhadaroğlu brand in its outer structure coating in 1998. In this way, the company has expanded its company with the firm Yalteks in isolation and has carried its new generation systems in glass technologies with its subsidiary company Glasstech in 2004. Kamuk, which expanded its product range with Çuhadaroğlu Aluminum and pakpen siding systems, has provided services to the wider structural areas with its external structure systems with trespa brand with the environmentalist understanding of the external structure coating.


In 2005, Kamtek Ltd. introduced heating cooling systems and carried VRV systems to our country with Airfel company and Mitsubishi brand KX4 models. Our company, which realized a first in All Cyprus in 2006, was the only and pioneer company with Tempering in Glass Products and with the Cam robot system it established in 2007, it made a great contribution to the country’s investments and became the pioneer of modern glass designs and the follower of Technological developments.


Kam-tek ltd continues its activities and investments with its qualified and customer-oriented service concept to serve Cyprus with its engineers and technical equipment and professional service concept.


Our History

Kam-Tek Ltd. has started its activities with the production and installation of warehouses as two brothers in 1998 and has developed in the construction area of ​​our country in the field of exterior cladding, insulation and glass, and today has become the company with the priority of customer service in our country with its contemporary building designs and glass technologies.



Directors Message

In 1998, the company has been operating with warehouse and installation works without following the developing country’s economy. As the warm-blooded people of Cyprus, our first goal has been to take care of our customers and to capture and develop the happy customer potential that we will satisfy them. Besides the external structure, we are proud to serve our people in our country and create a whole with heating and cooling systems. Haspolat industry has been in Areande since 2008 and all our production facilities are in the same region. All our work is to enable our customers and our people to live in modern and modern living environments and to be a pioneer and innovative company.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer company in the development of building blocks with high quality, safe and contemporary views in construction technologies.

Our Mission

With the development of the world, the facade and composite structures are to be more secure in our lives and contribute to the formation of a whole with the concept of glass, heating and cooling systems and to prepare the living environments of the future.

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