Our -Values-

Our -Values-


As Kamacıoğlu Group of Companies, we are aware of the responsibility we have undertaken. Our goal is; we are in
To be the best by coming to the fore with our quality in the sectors, to be the highest social and economic for our country.
to create value.


The work experience we have gained in our country and in many parts of the world for almost half a century
The solid structure that we have created with the principles it validates, is based on traditions, but also on innovation and developments.
openly to future generations, to produce goods in the best way with the power we get from the society and our employees.
and producing services.

Our Values

Quality, Trust, Reputation

Our Reputation, which belongs to our deep-rooted history of more than 25 years, is built on quality and trust. Our commitment; all
to deliver the projects error-free and on time, to produce solid and qualified work, to provide the most reliable goods and services.
is to produce. While performing these, honesty, integrity and consistency are never compromised. none
to work as hard as we can, to aim for high success and to always reach further,
is our indispensable principle.

Commitment to Traditions and Openness to Innovation

For over 25 years, tradition has been combined with innovation under this solid roof. Our deep-rooted and permanent values
We create our future by carefully placing contemporary and progressive approaches on this foundation. Continually
Visible contributions to our employees, business partners and customers with our learning and developing structure
We work to provide

Equality, Justice, Loyalty

Even our smallest achievement is too great to be the work of a single person. great deeds of people
Based on the fact that they can succeed by relying on each other, our managers and our Group
All of our employees are tied together as a family. All members of Kamtek Family,
They have a strong team spirit whose building blocks are love — respect — dedication.

Social Benefit

With the awareness that we are a part of the society, the harmony of company goals with the interests of the country and society
We take care to be in it. Awareness of social and social duty to create a sustainable future
We research the obligations that fall on us and fulfill them in the most beneficial way.

Respect for the Environment

One of the most basic principles of our company culture; environmental protection and environmental protection in all our business processes.
the first priority to ensure order and to improve the quality of life of future generations.
is to act with awareness.

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